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Frequent Flier Program


As an AIRKENYA FREQUENT FLIER, you can look forward to FREE flights to any of the Airkenya destinations.  

Register when you next fly with us and start earning points towards your free flights.  

When you receive your NDEGE PLUS card, please remember to quote your membershop number when you book with us.   At Check-in ensure you present your card, so that the points will be credited to your account.  

Points differ for each destination and are dependant on the Fares purchased. Points are earned on individual members card, and even Children can have their own card.  

NOT A MEMBER? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our New Ndege Plus card has your Membership Number. The  Number is unique to you and should  be qouted at the time of booking your flights. Your old points/stamps have already been credited to your account. You will be able to enjoy the points you have already earned. If not used.  New statements are being sent periodically with your upto date points.

How it Works

  • Quote  your Membership number when booking and produce your Ndege Plus card at CHECK-IN for your points to be credited to you.
  • Points are earned on Return and One-Way services
  • Points are offered based on the season and destination
  • Points are earned on all Airkenya services only
  • Children shall enjoy their own cards


Ndege Plus Membership Benefits :

As an Airkenya Ndege Plus member, you will enjoy free flights into Kenya's magnificent safari and coastal destinations. Destinations include : Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli, Lewa Downs, Nanyuki,Nakuru, Meru, and KIlimanjaro. 


  • Taxes are payable for all Free tickets redeemed and must be paid before the flight.
  • Awarding of Free tickets is at Airkenya's discretion and will exclude peak travel periods, which include: Easter weekend (Thursday - Tuesday, inclusive), July, August and Christmas /New Year (21st Dec - 10th Jan).
  • When redeeming points for a Free ticket please advise the Airkenya Call Centre/Travel Agent when making your booking.
  • To enjoy Ndege Plus points, individuals both adults and children must have their own cards.
  • Points cannot be earned collectively on one card

How to earn free flights :

  • Seventy two (72) points - return flights
  • Thirty six (36) points - one-way flight
  • Return or one-way free flights can be redeemed for any Airkenya destination. Taxes for the respective destination are payable before travel


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