Partnership with Taekwondo Waithaka Club

Partnership with Taekwondo Waithaka Club

‘Changing the community through children and youth by Taekwondo Sport.
Training body and mind towards living a healthier and fulfilling life away from any kind of drugs or abuse of the same.

The history

Taekwondo Waithaka Club is a nonprofit sport club dedicated to introducing the underprivileged urban children and youth to the sport of taekwondo and has been dedicated to this goal since 1998. This is a club that mainly objectifies character development and instilling the right behavior to children and teens of Waithaka society through taekwondo.
The club solely depended on their Master George Mureu the club’s founder who received support from well wishers and friends that gave him the much-needed hand to make his team a success especially when the national and international competitions were concerned.  
After his demise, the club would now need to restructure and find ways to continue their founder’s legacy. Through support from the community and the children’s parents, the club managed to keep going.

The Need

At the start of 2019, the club had one coach and three players drop from the club and joined a different taekwondo club. The club needed going forward despite this setback, and would mean participating on various competitions on their own contribution.

AirKenya‘s Impact

AirKenya came in and sponsored the first championship for the club in Mombasa.
The company stayed on board to help the club compete in community policing taekwondo championship in Embakasi, a tournament that was organized by Inspector General of police.
Waithaka Taekwondo players with the help of AirKenya Company did their first-ever grading exam since they started. Airkenya also facilitated the provision of floor mats to the club to enable better training and motivate the children and youth in their practice.
As a company, we believe in transforming and impacting communities positively through corporate sponsorships.